Isokinetic Conference Voyage

Del 11/07/2021 al 20/03/2022
Please watch Isokinetic Medical Group & Isokinetic Conference president – «Stefano Della Villa» – sharing his thoughts  with the Football Medicine Community. See the video below:
The Conference Voyage is almost ready to begin! Due to the postponement of the annual Isokinetic Conference, this «Voyage» is a way for us all to stay close to the global Football Medicine Community.
We have launched 4 virtual summits, one every three months, that will bring together leading researchers, field based practitioners and thought leaders from across the world of Football Medicine & Science.
18th April, 2021: The Ongoing ACL Dilemmas
– 11th July, 2021: Football Research Group – updates from UEFA Champion’s League studies
– 11th November, 2021: Achilles tendon ruptures from injury to RTP
– 20th March, 2022: FIFA Medical – preparing for world cup 2022

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